Sunday, October 18, 2009

Free Colorful Quick Page

Here is a free Quick Page I made from Sweet Tomato Designs. Darjeeling ~ Sweet Tomato Designs, has out of the ordinary papers and elements. The papers are all very rich and vibrant. And these aren't your plain old, everyday elements. She has some really cool stuff. This is one of those kits you really just can't wait to get your hands on and then can't stop making layouts! She also has really cool photo masks and template kits too! Drop by and check out her blog.
Go to the bottom for the quick page download link :)



Click here for the download. Let me know what you think, I always appreciate your kind words! Thanks, Jana:)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Happy Ghost Quick Page

Here is a free Quick Page I made from Nikki Epperson's Super Cute Halloween kit called A Lil' Spooky ~ GSD by Nikki Epperson. It has fantastic papers and elements and really bright colors! She has great template kits too! Drop by and check out her blog.Go to the bottom for the download link :)

Happy Ghost QP Template

'Fraidy Ghost QP

Click here for the download. Let me know what you think, I always appreciate your kind words! Thanks, Jana:)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Voting link for Week 2 Challenge

Hi everyone!! It's the second week of the three week challenge that I entered, and I still need your support! Here is what my layout looks like and here is the link where you can go vote until 11:59 p.m. Wednesday the 23rd! I'm the second one down and the name of my layout is "Bathing Beauty... by Jana" Thanks so much for helping me out!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thank you!

Well you did it! I have to give you all a big virtual hug... Thanks to all of your support I came in FIRST ! Round two is coming up, with voting starting on Sunday, I'll post a link here for easy voting. Thank you all again so much, I really can't tell you how much it means to me!

Quick Page from a new Designer

I have the privilege of guest ct'ing for Nikki Epperson this month. She has graciously allowed me to create a free quick page to share with y'all. She has the most amazing kits, they are all so colorful and fun with a huge touch of whimsy! Please go check out her blog, and check out the kit No Bounds ~ GSD by Nikki Epperson.



Click here for the quick page download. Please leave me a note to let me know how you think I'm doing! Thanks so much, :) Jana

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vote for me PLEASE!!!

Voting is over for this week. Thanks so much for voting for me! I'll have a new layout for you to vote for this upcoming Sunday, so please come back and vote for me again! All your support is greatly appreciated!! :)

I've entered a contest and I need as many votes as I can get! Here is what my layout looks like and here is the link where you can go vote! I'm about half way down the page and the name of my layout is "Birthday Party by Jana" Thanks so much for helping me out!!!

New Free Quick Page - All Boy

I have a cute new free quick page, from a wonderful kit Pebbles Designs created. It's a masculine kit that is great for your handy man or your little helper around the house! Go check it out it's called called My Handy Man. You can click on the quick page, or the link below it to grab it.

all boy preview

all boy

Click here for your download. Please leave a note to let me know what you think :) Jana

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Puppy Quick Page Freebie!

So I took a bit longer than I expected to, sorry about that. I've been working on a new website that I hope everyone will be really excited about! We are getting really close to having it up and ready for testing. I will be looking for a designer or two and a small store to help test it and for their help they will of course get the service free for a time as a way to say Thank you!

So here is the quick page it is from Pebbles Designs with a kit she did a while back called K-9 Pals that you can grab at DigiTop3. You can click on the picture or the link at the bottom to grab your freebie. Please leave me your comments on how I'm doing!

I love my puppy...

Click here to download the quick page.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A free quick page!!

So I know it's been forever, and I've actually had this done for a while, in fact I have three of them, but I have to make sure I can give you all of them... They are from Pebbles Designs a kit she did a while back called K-9 Pals that you can grab at DigiTop3. It is really cute! You can click on the picture or the link at the bottom to grab your freebie. Please let me know if you like it, and I will be sure to put the other one up for you this weekend!

I love my puppy...

Click here to download the quick page.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Photo's from our vacation in DC as promised.

I'm a little slow these days, sorry about that! There is just so much going on trying to get Cay ready for her Senior year and making sure that she has all the classes necessary so she does in fact graduate Distinguished, *laf* they messed it up and she said "There is no way I put myself through an extra year of SPANISH for NOTHING!!!" So we had to fix that!! Ahhhh aren't teenagers so much fun!!!?

So anyway here are the pictures!

Here was the Capital Building, we got to go on a tour with our Congressman's aide for a vip tour it was really cool, I have some really great pictures from inside the capital but it would take up pages and pages, so I'm just sharing a few...
National Capital

This was one of the 10 or so fireworks pictures that came out really well, we were sitting on the mall all day to get a good seat for the fireworks, and you don't even want to know the story about the a@@hole who kept standing in front of all of us that had been sitting there waiting...Oh my was it funny...Cayla even taped some of it, accidentally of course because I started yelling!! Totally out of character for me and those of you that know me, surely can attest to that.
fireworks at the national mall

This is my baby in front okay well way in front of the White House, because there were a lot of crazy a$$ people right up there close, even one crazy old man doing his own protest...
cayla and the white house

This was at the Smithsonian, where you could pretend to be the president giving a speech. I thought it was kinda ...well she thought it was cool...
cay press conference

Here is the photo that Cayla just had to have us take, she wanted to look like an ant up against the Washington Monument. It actually turned out pretty good, it would have been better if those two people would have moved, but I guess they didn't get hint from all of my throat clearing!! *LOL*
washington monument

I had heard about this place so I had to go eat there! It was great!! They have great burgers and potato skins!! Cayla and I shared and we couldn't finish it..

Just another cool picture of fireworks...If you ever get a chance to go to DC try to go during the 4th of July it was just so amazing, It really made me so proud to be an American...I mean I am proud to be an American normally and Damn proud to be a Texan!! But there is just something that happened when we were there it just seemed to give me this sense of having this overwhelming pride in my Country!
big burst

What can I say about this..This place was just totally amazing in a somber sort of way...It was sad because there were stones as far as your eye could see. We are so thankful for all of our men and women that have fought for our Country and all of the freedoms that we hold dear.
arlington cemetery

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's fixed!

Finally after 2 months, about 6 visit's from 3 different tech's being online for 3 hours a day, but only 5 minutes at a time for the most part. But IT'S FIXED!!!!!!!!!!
YAY ME!!!! So hopefully I will be able to start uploading some Quick pages and show y'all a few pictures from our vacation to Washington DC! Now I wont show you all of the 2000+ *LOL* I will just share a few...I promise!!!

So anyway just know that I am really sorry that I haven't been able to be anywhere or get anything up here, I just really didn't have a choice...I've missed everyone so much!!!

Much love, jana

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm not dead!

Okay so if anyone has been wondering where I have been? No I didn't die! My ISP did, or rather I wish they would! Anyway we have spent the last several months trying to explain to them the bounces we were getting! No one believed us! Well finally they sent someone, so they fixed the problem, it was the way our cable was sent to our house, they said, so they re-wired from the pole to the house! Did it work? NOPE! They put an amplifier at the front of the subdivision so things will be better I was told because guess what?! Oh my gosh, other people had the same thing happening!!! Did that fix it??? NOPE!!! Well now they have FINALLY found the problem! It's in the main line, and they were going to do that sometime today! Did it work?? NOPE!!! So that is why you haven't seen me, because I can't stay connected long enough to upload anything!!! It's taken twice now just to get this written!!!

I miss everyone!!!

much love, jana

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My first try at papers!!

I did the challenge at Digi_ridoo Scraps this month called Design me this. You can check it out here. And this is what I came up with, yeah they are a little bright, but hey for a first try I'm feeling okay, I still have some work to do, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, now I just need to practice, practice, practice! Anyway if you would like them click on the preview to grab them.

And since this really is my first try at doing something like this please take a minute and let me know what you like or don't like, or what I should have done or not done. I would really appreciate the comments so I can get better each time I try to do this! Thanks so much in advance! Jana :)

Click on the image to download the papers!

Pink Passion Papers

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Digiridooscraps is a new store that I have recently found!! It is a fun, fresh and extremely friendly place to be!!Their Grand Opening begins June 5th, so be sure and mark your calendars for prizes, challenges and 50% off!! Yep 50% off!!! Spend $10.00 and you will get their New Team Kit as a gift to you!! You wont want to miss this!!Click HERE to be taken to the Digiridooscraps site!
And here is a freebie just for stopping by!This is a cute kit made by Breeza! Click HERE to be taken to the kit.

Pebbles New Kit

Pebbles has a new kit called A Vision of Beauty. You can get it at here. And stop by her blog. To check out all of her other kits, she has some really cute stuff!

This is Cayla being Cayla!
This is Tracey and me at Starbucks.